Here is what you can expect when working with us.


This is the phase of our process where we are getting to know each other.

We will start with an initial conversation to discuss what you are looking for, goals, vision and other details. This can either be done either through our Website Questionnaire or if you aren't sure of the details, via a Discovery Session where we can walk you through planning these things.

With this information, we will determine if Twelve.2 Media is the best fit for your project. If we are, we will prepare a proposal for you to get the ball rolling.


After we have decided to become the best of friends, it's time to get serious! During this phase of the process we will have our initial meeting to discuss more in-depth parts of the process like project management, tasks, timelines, etc. Questions are allowed! The more questions you ask, the better the end result.

This is also when we will ask for any initial deliverables (logos, social media links, slogans, etc). We will also go over the due dates and process for providing your content to us. Unless of course you elect to have us write your content as well...then you are good to go without worry.


Now that we have the initial information and content you provided, we can begin to create your website and your Digital Brand. Our initial step will include creating a sitemap, which is just a visual that shows you how the navigation of your site will be laid out and exactly what pages it will consist of.

After you approve the sitemap, we will then build out a working prototype of the site. This prototype is a black and white version of your site with no images, just pure functionality. Once that is approved by you, we will begin to design and develop your site. Mixed into this process will also be when we request the rest of your deliverables: including images, photos, and text content.

The end of the creation process will consist of a testing period where we check and double check every aspect of your site to make sure it's in tip-top shape and ready for release.


This is what everything has been building up to. This is the time when everyone starts getting giddy with excitement as the time to launch your brand new website and Digital Brand arrives. You are happy, we are happy for you, and we can't wait to see the tremendous results that you are going to experience with your new online presence.

Before the official launch, we will do a pre-launch period where you get to kick the tires and go over the entire website with a fine tooth comb. Find any errors that we might have missed, fix anything that may have been missed in an earlier stage, and fine-tune everything so you are 110% satisfied. We will provide you with a checklist of everything you should be checking so nothing gets missed. This is also the time when we will train you on how to use your new website.

Once you approve of everything and are completely satisfied that your website is working exactly as you expected, it's time to launch. We will install the site onto your server and flip the switch to send it to the world. Time to pop open that bottle of champagne, sit back and watch the exciting results.

Break-In & Support

Your new Digital Identity is in the wild and the masses can see it. For the next 30 days, we will fix anything that you need fixed, change any wording, change content, update links, etc. This doesn't include adding any new content or features, those would need to be done in a new project (which we are more than happy to do of course). Once that 30 day period is over any additional changes needed would need to done via either a new project, or by signing up for one of our Ongoing Care Plans.

Our Ongoing Care Plans are not required, but they are highly, highly recommended so we can ensure you are supported after launch. We have a few different levels of plans, each tailored to a certain level of support that you might require. You can find out more details by headed over to our Ongoing Care Plan page.
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