No idea if it is just me or not but the manager is running, I just never see it anymore no matter what I do including a reinstall. I can start it from folder but the icon never turns up anymore for it. I check device manager and all things Realtek are running just no panel. I found this thread when Googling for possible solutions. This is also my first post on these forums.

It’s a component of Windows operating systems, so make sure to install the correct driver for your device. Make sure to check all startup apps before uninstalling the driver, as this may be a sign of malware. Realtek is not a virus, but it may be corrupt. This program is the control panel for your onboard sound card.

Method 2: Using the ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate Policy/GPO

Fundamentally, the sound driver eases the sound control play on the Windows desktop and is known to offer a high-quality sound to your system or headphone through the audio card. It is tagged with your audio device or adapter to enhance the sound experience. Recently, Windows users have reported difficulty in accessing the sound driver.

Realtek HD Audio Manager may be immediately accessed by locating its icon in the System Tray and selecting it to launch the program. To find it, you might have to click the upper-arrow symbol. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Manager can be used in several ways.

The Realtek HD driver is the most used sound driver, and it includes the Audio Manager that allows us to have the sound coming out of our computer. Are you wondering how to update and reinstall Realtek’s HD Audio Manager? Scan for new hardware and then reinstall new drivers.

Using the "automated" realtek official driver installation leaves you to a no-sound and no hardware sound support. RIs Realtek HD How To Rollback nvidia Drivers in Windows 10. audio manager missing on your Windows? Click here for the guide to download and reinstall Realtek HD audio manager Windows 10/11.

How to find a Realtek manager?

Once that’s done, you will need to restart your computer again. The program should appear in the Sound, video link, and game controllers section of your computer’s Device Manager. Updating Realtek Sound card driver adds several new improvements relating to sound functionality in your computer which could improve your device’s quality. Let’s go for the steps to update Realtek Sound Card driver and Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 11. If “Realtek audio driver is not showing in device manager,” disabling front panel jack detection can resolve the issue. However, you can disable it with the help of using the windows registry editor.

To remove Realtek High Definition Audio Driver from Windows 10, open Device Manager and go to the Sound, Audio, and Video section. In the Device Manager, find the Realtek HD Audio manager and click the Disable button. After disabling it, restart your computer. The most common culprit behind this is the drivers.

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